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Thats Whats Workin Right Now chords

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            CAPO 3

(Verse 1)
(G)Its funny how the whiskey, eases the pain and (C) softens her words rollin round in my brain
(D)Instead of im leavin she says ill be back in a little while (G)  (D-D7)
(G)So hey there bartender you better hang close cause 
I'm (C) lookin' for answers in that bottle you hold,
(D)The truth is its over but (D7) aw what the hell if(AM)I wanna go on and (D) Lie to myself   
 That's whats (C) workin right now and im gonna take it as (G) 
far as I need to till my heart can make it through(C) one single night
without thinking of her. And (D)wakin up lonely, but (D7) until that occurs 
I'll just (C)sit here and drink till I (D)drown cause that's what workin right (G) now

(Verse 2)
I(G) tried stayin home, after you left but theres (C)too many memories for me to forget 
And(D) every room is haunted by a (D7)ghost that once said that she(G) loved me.
So I(G) found a place, where grown men can hide and (C)not be ashamed if he breaks down and cries
And I(D) know I should go home but I(D7) know whats in store
but(AM) who gives a damn if I (D)just have one more 

(Repeat Chorus)

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