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Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand chords

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            Here's the basic chords to it but there's alot of hammer ons and pull offs you can do to make it sound similar to the
actually song

(Capo 4) Intro: D, Bm x2

verse 1:
(D) He's got an "I love Jesus" fish stuck on his bumper
(Bm) With a rebel flag rippin' the the wind
(Em) A sign sayin' "watermelons and cucumbers"
(A) And common advice you might need now and then

(G) Yeah, he parks there off the pavement, just slightly in a ditch
(D) He's got a two-tone tattered lawn chair where he smokes his pipe and sits
(G) And when the sun goes down, the price goes down and everybody knows
(Em)There ain't one second that'll take past 7, (A) that he ain't headed home

(G) But you can come back early in the mornin', get what you need fresh from the garden
(D) A little less ripe but that's how you like it, if you ain't tried it, better not knock it
(G) If you didn't go to church the sunday before, hear all about it and a little bit more
(Em) About what it takes (A) to make a better man (Bm)
Down at (G) Henry Cartwright's back home, (A) home grown, prayer and produce (D) stand

verse 2:
(D) He's daddy passed down the ground and raised it (Bm) The know-how and the plow he used to make it (Em) Ooo, and when you sink your teeth in, it's a sin to taste it (A) And if you had to stand in line it's worth the wait repeat intro Prechorus Chorus repeat intro Chorus Outro: (D) We got potatoes, fine ripe tomatoes, (Bm) big yellow squash and oh my gosh (D) If you need revival, he'll read the Bible (Bm) and man your libel to find the Lord (D) He's got an "I love Jesus" fish stuck on his bumper (Bm) With a rebel flag rippin' like a razor (G) in the wind (D) [Thanks to Jordan for tabs]

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