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One Wing in the Fire 2 chords - Trent Tomlinson

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One Wing in the Fire 2 Sheet music
One Wing in the Fire
(D) Daddy's been a back-row Baptist,
With his (G) share of front-row sin,
His (D) Saturday night still on his breathe,
Every (A) Sunday when he'd walk (A7) in,
He's never (D) led the Benediction,
He's never sang in the (G) choir,
But he's an (D) angel with no (G) halo,
An' (A) one wing in the (D) fire,

Mamma lives by the Bible,
The (G) Bible lives by the bed,
An' she's (D) lied alone so many nights,
With (A) scriptures in her (A7) head,
Prayin' (D) "Good Lord, just be with him,
"I know his Faith is (G) tired,
"But he's an (D) angel with no (G) halo,
"An' (A) one wing in the (D) fire,"

"An' I (G) know he lives a (A) little left of livin' (D) right,
"An (G) he's come close to (A) goin'
Way to (D) far a few times,
"But I'd trade a thousand (A) prayers
If just one (G) prayer would come (D) true,
"Lord, (Em) please be (D) lieve in him,
Like I (A) believe in (D) you",

Daddy's always been there for me,
From (G) T-Ball to touchdowns,
(D) Fixed my car an' fixed my heart,
When (A) they've been broken (A7) down,
I know he (D) calls for more forgiveness,
Than most folks do re (G) quire,
But he's an (D) angel with no (G) halo,
An' (A) one wing in the (D) fire,

Well, (D) I just can't imagine,
What (G) Heaven might be like,
If (D) me an' Mamma make it,
Without (A) Daddy by our (A7) side,
Lord, (D) could you please remember,
When it's time to call us (G) higher,
That he's an (D) angel with no (G) halo,
An' (A) one wing in the (D) fire,

He's an (D) angel with no (G) halo,
An' (A) one wing in the (D) fire,

[Thanks to Gary Springman for tabs]

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