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Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart chords - Trick Pony

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                Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart--Trick Pony
written by T. Radigan/K. Greenberg/W. Wilson
Corrections welcome.


C      F      Bb         F                C
No, nobody, nobody ever died of a broken heart

C                             F
It must've hit ya like a hurricane
C                          F
Now you're swimmin with a ball and chain
C                          F      Bb
Sweet love's gone down the drain, down down

C                                 F
Girl you're lookin like a walkin dead
C                                    F
You need to drag a brush across that head
C                                     F
The crack of noon and you're still in bed
Bb (mute it--chinka-chink)
Wake up straighten up put on your makeup

C       F     Bb          F               C
No, nobody, nobody ever died of a broken heart
C      F       Bb        F                C
No, nobody, nobody ever died of a broken heart

C                              F 
You cut his head out of every picture
C                                      F
C                              F  Bb
All his memories you can kiss 'em bye, bye

C                        F
When enough is for sure enough
C                              F
It's time to shake it out and shake it up
C                                F
Get in the middle of a great big love
Bb (mute it--chinka-chink)
Wham-bam thank you ma'am, baby here we go again


C     F       Bb        F                 C
No, nobody, nobody ever died of a broken heart
C      F       Bb        F                C
No, nobody, nobody ever died of a broken heart
  Bb         F   N/C             C
Nobody ever died    of a broken heart


C 	 x32010
F 	 xx3211 or 133211 (this works best, but might anger some people...)
Bb 	 x13331

Or, if you want a capo on the first fret:

C=B 	 x24442
F=E 	 022100
Bb=A 	 x02220

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