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Pour Me chords - Trick Pony

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  Here is a fun song to play.  I love the twist on words and cant wait to hear more by this group! 

POUR ME  by Trick Pony 

Intro - E  This is a simple scale...Keep repeating E, A & B7 

E         E            E              E                               A 
Pour me, pour me, pour me, pour me another shot of whiskey 
B7                                       E 
Bartender hit me one more time 
E           E          E                                           A 
He left, I cried, I'm lost inside, Oh, wont you help me 
B7                                                           E 
Fill it to the top cuz I hit rock bottom this time. 
(Listen up now) I dont wanna listen to the old juke box 
So dont you put no quarters in the slot 
I dont wanna talk and I dont wanna dance 
I dang sure aint looking for romance 
I dont wanna hangout with the crowd 
I dont wanna party and get real loud 
Believe me when I tell you that I thought this through 
Theres only one thing that I want you to do 


Oh, take it boys 
Instrumental for 8 measures 

Well Heres my story, its sad but its true 
Theres so many things that I never knew 
He loved to party and he loved to dance 
He loved to get loud every time he got the chance 

I always thought he was a simple minded Okie 
But little did I know he was the King of Karaoke 
He was everything that a man should be 
The problem was that it wasnt with me 


Oh wont you fill it to the top cuz I hit rock bottom this time 
One more fill it to the top cuz I hit rock bottom this time 

Pour me, pour me, pour me, pour me 

Out - E 

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