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Baby Loves Me Peculiar Way chords by Ernest Tubb

Ernest Tubb Chords

Hi-- forgive my tin ear, but I was wondering if anyone might know how to
play Ernest Tubb's sadly,  seemingly forgotten 'I Know My Baby Loves Me in
Her Own Peculiar Way,' which I have on an old album called 'Ernest Tubb The
Daddy of 'em All.' It's been driving me nuts for some years now, and before
being sent off to the guitar loony bin, I thought I should seek expert
advice... If it helps, the lyrics are:

Ernest Tubb 
(R. Shepard, Don Canton)

Well, I got a gal that's different
And though I know she's true
She's never really happy
till she's got me feelin' blue
But I know my baby loves me
In her own peculiar way.

Well I loaned her my apartment
When I was out of town
But when I came back home
I found she'd burned the building down
but I know my baby loves me
in her own peculiar way

She took a course in cooking
and filled my heart with glee
till I detected poison
in a cake she baked for me
but I know my baby loves me
in her own peculiar way

She went down to the corner
to catch a picture show
said I'll see you later
but that was twenty years ago
I know my baby loves me
In her own peculiar way

and, if I could throw in a few other wishes for guitar chords (I'm always
happy to decipher lyrics to aid the more musically inclined):

Warren Smith-- Black Jack David
Jason and the Scorchers-- Help! There's a Fire!
Jason and the Scorchers-- Pray for me Mama (I'm a Gypsy Now)
Jason and the Scorchers-- Bible and a Gun
   **(I can't find  any Jason and the Scorchers chords anywhere)
Junior Brown--  Party Lights

cheers and thanks

Ernest Tubb ChordsErnest Tubb Lyrics

Ernest Tubb Chords List

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Ernest Tubb

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