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There Goes The Neighborhood chords

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            Verse 1
C                   G                F     C
The house next door just came up for sale
                    G         F                      C
She's goin' home to mama - she says he can go to hell
                              G             F
The couple down the block is splitting up I hear
                 C                  G
And they're the third ones on our street this year

 F                       G           C
It's just another day in anytown U.S.A.
F                G
Somebody's hurt, somebody's blue
    C                F
And somebody moves away
     C                 G
what little they do to make it work
Don't seem to do much good
          C           G                      C
When love moves out...there goes the neighborhood 

C G F C First they take off their wedding bands G F C They call it quits and call the moving vans G F C He takes his and she takes hers G And what's left over is left on the curb (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) When love moves out... there goes the neighborhood

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