When (chord) chords - Shania Twain

Shania Twain Lyrics

            Shania Twain – When
Album – Come on Over
Writers – Shania Twain/Robert John “Mutt” Lange

Intro : | E |  | A  B |  x2


   E                           A                 B                                                        
If elephants could fly I’d be a little more optimistic,
    E                          A         B
But I don’t see that happenin’ any time soon.
E                     A        B
I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic,
      E                            A              B
But I don’t think that cow really jumped over the moon.

C#m         E
When will I wake up?
C#m        E
Why did we break up?
A          B
When will we make up?
Chorus: E C#m When money grows on trees, A People live in peace, B Everyone agrees, E C#m When happiness is free, A Love can guarantee, B E You’ll come back to me. That’s when. | E | | A B | x2 Verse: E A B I’d love to wake up smilin’ full of the joys of spring. E A B And hear on CNN that Elvis lives again, E A B And that John’s back with the Beatles and they’re goin’ out on tour E I’ll be the first in line for tickets A B Gotta see that show for sure. Bridge Chorus Break: repeat | E | | A B | ….chorus repeats