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Heartstrings chords - Aaron Watson

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Aaron Watson Sheet music
    G                       Bm                       Em                      C
D|----0-----0-----0-----0-|----0-----0-----0-----0-|----2-----2-----2-----2-|----2-----2-----2-----2-|  x2

[Verse 1]
G                           Bm
She knows I'm always on the fly
Always kisses me goodbye
With godspeed and angel wings
    G                         Bm
And when I chase that falling star
I trip and fall too far
She picks me up by my heartstrings

    G               Em              Bm        D
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart, ah
    G               Em              Bm
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart
    D               G
Oh, she has my heartstrings

[Verse 2]
I'm a trailblazer, stargazer
A rainbow rambler born to roam
But she's like no one I've ever known
She reels me in and gently brings me back home

    G               Em              Bm        D
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart, ah
    G               Em              Bm
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart
    D               C
Oh, she has my heartstrings

                   Em                         C
If she ever cut me loose, came unraveled or untied
                         Em                             C
I know it would break my heart if she broke that velvet line
                     Em                            Bm
Full of never-ending grace, tangles me in love and lace
    D             G
Oh, she has my heartstrings

Bm   Em   C   G   x2

         Bm                               Em
When she loves, when she laughs, when she cries
    D               G
Oh, she has my heartstrings
         Em                    Bm         D
When she whispers my name and she sighs, ah

    G               Em              Bm        D
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart, ah
    G               Em              Bm
Oh, she's got those strings around my heart
    D              G
Oh, she has my heartstrings

Bm   Em   C   G   x2


Aaron Watson ChordsAaron Watson Lyrics

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