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Raise Your Bottle chords - Aaron Watson

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Aaron Watson Sheet music
                Intro.:  |(C) |(F) |(C) |(F)

There's a (C)memory that rings clear as a bell
I was (Am)bouncin' like a bull rider on his knee
I sure (F)miss those old stories that he'd tell
From a (G)hobo on a freight train to a sailor out at sea

My (C)granny says that I've got his smile
He's the (Am)reason I take pride in my last name
No, he (F)never made the headlines, nobody sings his song
So, for (G)every unsung hero, I'm singin' this today

So, raise your (Am)bottle to the boys and let's re-(C)member
All the (Am)fallen and the price they had to (C)pay
Hold 'em up (Dm)high and salute all the (C/E)ones that made it back
And for the (G)ones away from home, don't forget to (F)pray

Grand-(C)pa would sing you every Hank Williams song
But it's A-(Am)mazing Grace that brought him back around
He'd (F)shed a tear talkin' about the day
That (G)German gunner shot his best friend down

My (C)daddy fought a war some say in vain
He (Am)came home in a wheel chair, he walks with a cane
Seems like (F)every generation has to pay the cost
I (G)think about my family and the good friends that we've lost

So, raise your (Am)bottle to the boys and let's re-(C)member
All the (Am)fallen and the price they had to (C)pay
Hold 'em up (Dm)high and salute all the (C/E)ones that made it back
And for the (G)ones away from home, don't forget to (F)pray

From Norman-(Dm)dy to Korea, to (Em)Kason Vietnam,
Heart-(F)aches streach from coast to (C)coast,
From Bunker (Dm)Hill to Filucia, Gettys-(Em)burg to Japan
Every-(F)one who's ever served or lost someone let's make a (G)toast (F) (Em) (G/D)

So, raise your (Am)bottle to the boys and let's re-(C)member
All the (Am)fallen and the price they had to (C)pay
Hold 'em up (Dm)high and salute all the (C/E)ones that made it back
And for the (G)ones away from home, don't forget to (F)pray

Don't forget to (C)pray, (F) oh, don't forget to (C)pray (F)
Don't forget to (C)pray (F) (Em) (G/D) (C) -----

Aaron Watson ChordsAaron Watson Lyrics

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