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That Wuttin' A Marlboro chords - Tim Wilson

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Tim Wilson Sheet music
                THAT WUTTIN' A MARLBORO
Tim Wilson 
Capitol Records

Key of A

(A) (A) (A) (A)

Some (A) weirdos moved in across the street
And they were keepin' my wife awake
(D) 12 hours of the Goo Goo Dolls 
Was a(E)bout all she could take
So, I went (A) over there and bummed a cigarette
Told 'em, (D) "break it up pretty soon"
Some Abor(E)iginese midgets found me 2 days later
On the dark side of the (A) moon

Uh oh... (A7)
That wuttin' a (D) Marlboro
Was that (E) new Prince Albert, in the left handed (A) can
Uh oh... (A7) 
That wuttin' a (D) Marlboro
But, that (E) stuff's enough to make Janet Reno
Look like the Marlboro (A) Man

Kinda (D) looked like a Lucky or a (A) short Pall Mall
Tastes like (E7) horse maure, but (A) Menthol
If it (D) legally reaches the (A) public's lips
There's gonna be a shortage of (E7) tater chips
We can (D) finally start hating Phillip (A) Morris' guts
Cause (E) this stuff, kicks a (A) cigarette's butt
My (D) brain said it's somethin' it had (A) never seen
It beats the tar out of (E) nicer'tine....

Uh oh... (A7)
That wuttin' a (D) Marlboro
But it's the (E) Surgeon General's, nephew's favorite (A) brand
Uh oh... (A7)
That wuttin' a (D) Marlboro
But, two (E) packs of that will have the Backstreet Boys
Soundin' like a regaee (A) band
It'll (E) have the fellers at the DEA
Coughin' on the witness (A) stand

Uh oh..(A7).......... 

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