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Brand New Buzz tabs

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            (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  ----- |(C) |(G) |(C) |

(G)Midnight staring at the ceiling getting (Em)so high
Rolling with the feeling just (D)you and I
Your ponytail swinging as you (C)dance alone
I'm a-(Em)bout half (D)gone

And the (G)champagne sweating on the table
And the (Em)bomb still waiting on the Jager
And you're (D)so smooth I don't need a chaser
When I (C)taste your lips (Em)sip by sip (D)

I got a (Em)brand new (C)buzz
(G)It's a lot harder than the (Em)whiskey (C)does
(G)One shot of ya and you're (Em)in my (C)blood
(G)Oh, and I can't get e-(D)nough
Wish I could bottle it up, 'cause now I'm hooked on (C)love
(Em)Oh, I got a (D)brand new (Em)buzz

Solo:  / (C) / |(G) / / / |(Em) / (C) / |(G) / / /

There's a (G)hundred proof chilled up and waiting
With the (Em)blue moon I hate to waste it, but I've (D)moved on to your temptation And I'd (C)rather drown in this (Em)love I've (D)found Repeat Chorus Solo: |(Em)(C)|(G) | x 4 (Bridge) Now (D)I'm done running them (C)bar tabs (G)up Ain't (D)sneaking no Makers in my (C)coffee cup (G) Not a (D)day goes by that I ain't (C)kissing on your (G)good stuff (D) Repeat Chorus x2 (Tag) (Em) (C) (G) I got a brand new (Em)buzz (C) (G) I got a brand new buzz (Em) (C) (G) -----