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Six Foot Town chords

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            Big and Rich - Six Foot Town

(verse 1)
C			   G
My brakes are on fire from tryin to slow down
           Am                     F
Im always burning my tires and my horn is too loud
C                            G
I catch people starin lookin funny at me
        Am                      F
When I step to the window and I toss a tv

C G F - Instrumental

(verse 2)
C                            G
Sometimes I get crazy and it makes a big scene
           Am                   F
But when I hit 21 I wanna stand up and scream
C                                    G
Im filthy rich with laughter, Im too big for the room
              Am                       F
You know from two stories up, a zenith makes a big boom

(chorus) C G Its hard to get around in a six foot town Am F When your ten feet tall everything is so small C G Im always bumping my head, im way too long for the bed Am F C Yeah its hard to get around in a six foot town C G F - Instrumental Solo (after bridge and chorus is played 2x) (instrumental, and last part 4x) F C In a six, In a six, in a six foot town (verse 3) C G Some people live inside a tiny little box Am F There preoccupied about just matchin their socks C G Ive never been one to worry about much Am F I just wanna laugh, wanna love, wanna live it up (chorus) (bridge) F G And sometimes I stumble just because of my size F G But hey yall thats alright F Thats the way god made me G I am what I am F Am And I can't do nothin bout that...ohh but its (repeat chorus 2x)