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Real World chords

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            (C) There's a girl on channel 13
(G) I know she's gonna fall in love with me
(Am) And I'm gonna win the (C) lottery to(F)morrow
Or the next day
(C) I drive a Mercedes Benz
(G) I've got a whole butt load of friends
(Am) I'm gonna be on (C) CMT some(F)day

  But in (G7) my (C) real (E7) world
  Things don't (Am) always (F) turn out so (C) good
  Like you wish they (G) would
  And in (G7) my (C) real (E7) world
  I'm a (Am) little (F) messed up and (C) broke, don't you (G) know

I (C) got more money then George Strait
(G) I throw Benjies out the window all day
(Am) Just to see how far they (F) fly, bye bye
I (C) get more girls then the president
(G) Mom and dad still pays the rent
(Am) And I throw parties all night (F) long

Repeat Chorus

Fiddle Solo :  (C)  (G)  (Am)  (C)  (F)  

Repeat Chorus Twice