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Soul Shaker chords by Big & Rich

Big & Rich Chords

Big & Rich
2005, WB Records
5:18 PM 12/24/2005

 	  	  	  	 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!


D--7/9--9-9---7/9----9-9---9-9------     repeat until verse beings

(NC) Baby don't you know I'm a real soul shaker

Repeat Intro

(NC) Baby don't you know I'm gonna catch your world on (E5) fire 
(E5) Gonna take you so high we'll be tearing a hole in the (D5) (E5) sky
I'm a (E5) dynamite daddy, I'll put the rhythm in your (D5) (E5) blues
I'm not a (E5) wishy washy boy like you're used to

 I'm a real soul (D5) (E5) shaker (D5) (E5)
 I'm a true love (D5) (E5) maker (D5) (E5)
 I'm a giver and a (D5) (E5) taker (D5) (E5)
 Yeah, when I (A5) give you what I got, you're (B5) going to rock
 Ain't gonna (D5) (E5) wam bam, (D5) (E5) thank you ma'am
 I (E5) ain't gonna be just another heart breaker
 (NC) Baby don't you know I'm a real soul shaker

Momma always said, I'd run into a girl like you.
Sweet and smart and stronger than a hundred proof.
You're so fine you'd make a bulldog break his chain.
I gonna wrap you up in love like a hurricane.
And blow you away.


(A5) You're like perfect peaches in a (E5) tree
(A5) You won't find a better honey(B5)bee
(NC)A better honeybee then me, cuz


(Repeat Intro & Fade Out) 

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