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Nothing At All chords - Kasey Chambers

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G  C5  G  C5

G  C5  G  C5

G                      G/F#   Em                      C
One was the light in a candle two was a colour of the rain
G                   G/F#   Em                C
Three was a-fallin' deeper four was a cryin' shame
G                        G/F#   Em               C
Five was a shiver in the winter six was a losin' card
G                          G/F#           C5  `
Seven was the hope I would never fall too hard

G                      G/F#  Em                  C
One was a breath under water two was a crash and burn
G                      G/F#  Em                C
Three was a ghost of a lover four was a lot to learn
G                      G/F#   Em              C
Five was a-livin' in a cradle six was a mercy cry
G                           G/F#           Cadd9  `
Seven was the hope he would never say good-bye
G     C  G   C   G     C          G          C
  You win  I lose  you leave with nothin' to prove
G     C   G   C   G   C          G       C
  You rise  I fall  I leave with nothin' nothin' at

G  C5  G  C5

G                    G/F#   Em                   C
One was a faith in a sorrow two was a waste of a dream
G                     G/F#   Em                      C
Three was a life in a bottle four was the last to be-lieve
G                       G/F#    Em                  C
Five was a break in the weather six was back to the start
G                           G/F#          Cadd9  `
Seven was the hope it would never go this far
G     C  G   C   G     C          G          C
  You win  I lose  you leave with nothin' to prove
G     C   G   C   G   C          G       C
  You rise  I fall  I leave with nothin' nothin' at

G  Csus2  G  Csus2
G  Csus2  G  Csus2

Am  `        `        `   C*    `       `     `
  I was your waste in time  you were my angel wings
Am7  `        `      `   C*    `       `     `      `
   I was your fallen star  you were my every-thing [2/4 drum-fill]

G     C  G   C   G     C          G          C
  You win  I lose  you leave with nothin' to prove
G     C   G   C   G   C          G          C
  You rise  I fall  I leave with nothin' at all

G     C  G   C   G     C          G          C
  You win  I lose  you leave with nothin' to prove
G     C   G   C   G   C          G       C
  You rise  I fall  I leave with nothin' nothin' at

G   Csus2      G   Csus2
All nothin' at all nothin' at
G   Csus2      G   Csus2      G
All nothin' at all nothin' at all


    G   C5  Gadd2/F#  Em  C  Cadd9  Csus2  Am  Am7  C*
E|--3---3------3------3---3----3------3----0----0---0--|<- little finger holds
B|--0---1------0------0---1----3------3----1----1---1--|   fret-3 until BRIDGE
D|--0---x------0------2---2----2------x----2----2---2--|  x = mute

Basic  C-chord  may be used for  C5  Cadd9  Csus2
Gadd2/F#  is an ensemble voicing which may be used throughout

EXAMPLE shows how two parts create richer harmony:

   G       Gadd2/F#  Em      Cmaj7
   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
 |                 |                 |


   G       C5        G       C5
   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +
B|-----------8=\=7\|=3=======--1===0=|    \ = slide (and pick again)
G|-0========-0===0=|=0=======--0=====|  === = sustained note

Appoggiatura on Beat-1 and Beat-3

   G       C
A|-0h2-----2h3------|  h = hammer on

   C   C/B   Am7
   3 + 4 +   1
  (let ring)

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