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Rattlin' Bones tabs by Kasey Chambers

Kasey Chambers Chords

Written by Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

Shane plays the guitar part with two capos:
The 5/6 capo at the third fret transposes the guitar-friendly
D-chords to the key of F while leaving the 6th-string open to
extend the range of the bass. A second capo at the first fret
allows the 6th-string to be played open sounding an F-note.
The sound can be duplicated with one capo using Drop-D tuning
but requires a fingering shift to play the G-chord.
Alternatively, use a 5/6 capo at Fret-2 dropping the key to E.

4 beats per chord      _ = hold Beat-1
` = 2 beats            . = Csus2 passing chord on Beat-4
(capo at third fret)

D5  `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5  `Dm7  `D7sus4

D5  `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5.  D5.

D5               D5              A7sus4             D5
Smoke don't rise fuel don't burn sun don't shine no more
D5             D5                 A7sus4           D5
Late one night sorrow come 'round scratching at my door but I
D5               D5            A7sus4               D5
Cut my hands and break my back draggin' this bag of stones 'til they
D5              D5                       `A7sus4  `G5
Bury me down be-neath the ground with the dust and rattlin'

D5   `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5  `Dm7  `D7sus4
D5  `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5.  D5.

D5               D5           A7sus4            D5
Left my home and left my love caught on a rusty nail
D5            D5              A7sus4            D5
Devil rose up heavy with gold my soul's not for sale then a
D5            D5              A7sus4               D5
Holy man in a house of God he offered me a book of prayer but when I
D5               D5            `A7sus4  `G5         D5
Left my home and left my love I left my  faith back there

(as before)

(as before)

D5               D5           A7sus4            D5
Shut my eyes and hang my head darkness makes no sound
D5            D5         A7sus4                D5
Climbin' up a bottleneck hurts on the way back down when a
D5                   D5           A7sus4                   D5
Sadness falls on the morning bird wonder what the day will bring but I
D5               D5             `A7sus4    `G5    D5
Shut my eyes and hang my head at least that bird can sing

(as before)

Bones till they
D5_             N.C.                      N.C.
Bury me down be-neath the ground with the dust and rattlin'
(slightly slower)

OUTRO: (a tempo)
D5   `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5  `Dm7  `D7sus4
D5  `Dsus4  `Dm11  D5.  D5


TUNING:  6 5 4 3 2 1
Drop-D   D A D G B E

CHORDS:                                                5/6 CAPO:
    D5  Dsus4  Dm11  Dm7  D7sus4  A7sus4  G5  Csus2          G5
E|-------------------------------------------------|     E|-----|
B|--3-----8-----3-----6-----3-------3-----3-----3--|     B|--3--|
G|--2-----7-----0-----5-----0-------0-----0-----0--|     G|--0--|
D|--0-----0-----3-----0-----0-------2-----0-----0--|     D|--0--|
A|--0-----0-----0-----0-----3-------0-----------3--|     A|-----|
D|--0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------5--------|   E-2|--3--|

Names are used for identification rather than descr i ption.
D-chords and A-chords are minor in the ensemble.

Basic strumming pattern:
   1   2   3 + 4 +
E|-----------------| - 1st-string muted
B|-----3-----3-3-3-|                       h = hammer-on
G|-----2-----2-2-2-|                       p = pull-off
D|-----0-----0-0-0-|                       ~ = slight bend and vibrato
A|-----------------|                       d = down-strum
D|-0-------0-------|                       u = up-strum
   d   d   d u d u

TAB shows loudest notes only - all chord-tones may ring.

   D5                Dsus4   Dm11      D5                Dm7     D7sus4
   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +

   D5                Dsus4   Dm11      D5          Csus2 D5          Csus2
   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +   1   2   3 + 4 +
G|-------                     -------|-----2-----2---0-|-----2-----2---0-|
D|-------     (as before)     -------|-------------0---|-0-------0---0---|
A|-------                     -------|---------0---3---|-------------3---|

Note the one-beat passing chord and moving bass-line in Bar-7-8.

Suggest keeping ring-finger on 2nd-string.
In the changes on Beat-3 the middle-finger waits until Beat-4 to
fret the alternate bass-notes at Fret-3.


Banjo part can be played on guitar with 1st-string tuned down to D.
5th-string would be tuned in unison with 3rd-string (same octave)
but it is not played although it sometimes rings. This part adds
the seventh to the D-chords and the minor-third to the A-chords.

TUNING:  5 4 3 2 1
         G D G B D

Played with fingers
(capo at third fret)
   D5                Dsus4   Dm11      D5                Dm7     D7sus4
   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
B|-----3-------1h3-|------ O /  -----|------ O /  -----|-----3---1-------|
G|-----2-----2-----|------  /   -----|------  /   -----|-------2---2-----|
D|-0-------0-------|------ /  O -----|------ /  O -----|-0-----------3~--|

   D5                 Asus4              Asus4   G5        D5
   1   2   3 + 4 +    1   2   3 + 4 +    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

Suggest little-finger on 2nd-string fret-3.


Electric guitar adds melodic figures at times hitting a low Eb with
vibrato and sliding up to F. This could be played either in Drop-D
tuning or in the key of G with all strings tuned a whole step down.
In the CMAA performance the player was in Drop-D tuning with a capo
at the third fret which cannot duplicate that low seventh.

Using Double-Drop-D tuning a solo performance can incorporate ideas

Waynus Of Uranus
July 2008

April 2011 Corrected Banjo part and added Capo-fret-2 suggestion

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