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Rockin' Horse chords - Sara Evans

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                                        Rockin Horse
                         Sara Evans

This is a great song- gotta luv vince with her, 
This is my first tab,Be gentle please,
Listen to the chorus its tricky to tab but
  listen close to the changes. 

4/4 time (4 beats a measure)
Capo 1st fret

Intro 2 X

Am(2 beats) G5(2 beats)  Am(2 beats)  G5(2beats)
    vv ^        vv ^         vv ^         vv ^
D(2 beats) C (2beats)  D (2beats)  C(2beats)
   vv ^        vv ^        vv ^       vv ^

Verse 2 X(same pattern as intro)

 AM               G5          Am         G5
The rockin horse came 
 D               C            D          C
Am               G5           Am         G5
Just missed the house
D                    C          D        C
When it was hit by lighting
Am                     G5        AM       G5
My daddy painted that horse
D           C              D           C
A midnight blue
Am        G5          AM        G5
Shooting stars
D           C         D          C
Silver horse shoes
    F/C(or just F if you want)(strum once)
It was something magic
Out of something frightening

Chorus 2X

 G5                   D
That's how I live my life
         Em D   C G/B   
I take it as it comes
Am7    G/B     D        G5
And I find the hidden love
When its poring down on me
Em   D   C   G/B  Am7
In my mind I see
 G/B   D                       
The rocking horse inside the tree

Intro 2X

Am        G5        AM      G5
A broken heart
D              C         D     C
Means deeper feelings
Am             G5        Am       G5
A thorn in the flesh
D               C        D        C
Means room for healing
Am              G5         AM     G5
Oh salt in your tears
D             C           D       C
Can open your eyes
Am       G5             Am      G5
Wounded years
D         C             D         C
Make you realize
   F/C (or just F) (one strum)
It's just something out of magic
       C (one strum)
Out of something frightening

Chorus 2 X

Intro 2X

Bridge(ooooooooooo part with vine)(one strum each chord)
Am       Am^7      Am7                         D
OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO things aren't always as they seem
Am         Am^7
Am7                        D    C   D  
Take the nightmare from my dreams

Chorus 2X

Intro 4X till fades



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