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Dayum, Bayby Dayum chords by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line Chords

Capo on 2
Intro: E A 

Well hey baby, listen/You got me twistin'

Watchin' you sippin' on that drink

I saw you smile back/And I didn't miss that

It's on a little later on wink

And your song comes on, you dance along

I can't believe how bad you got me like

Dayum baby dayum baby dayum

I love standin' here watchin' you breakin' it

Down baby down baby down

You keep pullin' me in when you're spinning

E                                A
Around baby 'round baby 'round I can see you'll probably be

E                        A
Keepin' me up all night Yeah but that's alright

E                                                       A   
'Cause girl you got me like Dayum baby dayum baby dayum

E                                                A
Yeah you got me like Dayum baby dayum baby dayum

Baby you're rockin'/You got me locked in

I know that you're dancin' just for me

If you wanna go then/We'll get to rollin'

'Cause I'd love to sweep you off your feet like

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah if you wanna take me home and turn it on

You know I'm there 'cause girl I swear

Dayum baby dayum baby dayum/Hmmm gonna let your long hair

Down baby down baby down/We'll be lovin' 'til the sun comes back

Around baby 'round baby 'round/I can see you'll probably be

Keepin' me up all night/Yeah but that's alright

'Cause girl you got me like/dayum baby dayum baby dayum

Yeah you got me like/Dayum baby dayum baby dayum (girl you got me like dayum baby,

 I ain't talkin' 'bout call me maybe, I'm fallin' talkin' crazy, but I gotta call

 a spade what a spade is, babygirl now you my queen, I got a pocket full of aces,

 I'm a get you hot, I'm a fly you to your favorite places, chasin' your dreams, so

 real that you can almost taste it, I'm a take you back to the basics, we gon' 

cover all of the bases, and I'm a lay you down and take my time 'til you can

 hardly take it)

Dayum baby dayum baby dayum 	 

Florida Georgia Line ChordsFlorida Georgia Line Lyrics

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