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Crazy (capo) 2 chords - Pat Green

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G (2) A (2) D (4) 4x 
Verse 1: 
G        A         D 
Saw you early this morning,  
G         A             G 
Sleepin'' all dressed in white. 
G            A                      D 
For a moment I thought you were an angel,  
G        A           D 
Come to take me home alive. 
G        A                    D 
You woke up and you caught me staring. 
G           A                 D 
Smiled and said Hey, cut it out. 
G             A          D    
You said that I must be crazy, I said 
G                    A                   D 
Crazy bout you and I kissed you on the mouth. 
Chorus 1: 
G        A          D 
And if I am truely crazy,  
G                 A                D 
Don''t you know I like my life that way.  
G            A     D         A       Bm 
And If I''m really goin'' all outta my mind 
                 G         A       
You can hop on board and make your getaway. 
- Repeat 1/2 Intro - 
Verse 2: 
G       A                 D 
Took a walk on down the seashore, 
G             A               D 
Saw a begger pickin'' up some cans. 
G            A                 D 
Saw a little boy who had some salt in his eyes 
G             A               D 
Reaching out for his momma''s hand. 
G                   A               D 
Watched a stranger give that man a doller,  
G                            A                          D 
Watched the mommma wipe the tears from the little boys eyes, 
G        A                  D    
Then I stared up into the heavens and said 
G                A              D 
Oh my God, I''m glad that I''m alive. So glad that I''m alive. 
Chorus 2: 
G        A          D 
And if I am truely crazy,  
G                 A                D 
Don''t you know I like my life that way.  
G            A     D         A       Bm 
And If I''m really goin'' all outta my mind 
                 G         A       
You can hop on board and make your getaway. 
- Repeat Intro - 
Verse 3: 
G                A                         D 
I wake up in the morning and turn all the lights on, 
G                A                    D 
Turn ''em out at night so that we can hide. 
G            A                  D 
Sometimes I sleep with all the lights on, 
    G            A             D 
It helps me to appreciate the night. 
G              A               D 
I hear people talk about life all the time. 
G           A                   D 
All they remember are times so sad. 
G                A                     D  
Don''t you think life would be awfully boring 
G                       A           D 
If the good times were all that we had. 
Chorus 3: 
G        A          D 
And if I am truely crazy,  
G                 A                D 
Don''t you know I like my life that way.  
G            A     D         A       Bm 
And If I''m really goin'' all outta my mind 
                 G         A       
You can hop on board and make your getaway. 
G                 D         
Hop on board and make your getaway 
- Repeat Intro - 

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