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What I'm For chords - Pat Green

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                What I'm For

Pat Green

Capo 3

(I don't think it's exact yet, so please feel free to comment)

Pat Green

D Asus4 A   D Asus4 A    D Asus4 A Asus2  E

Verse I
        D                  A         D               A
I'm for wildflowers in the window, mechanics you can trust
        D              A                  E
I'm for crackers in my chili, and leaving grudges in the dust
        D                A              D           A
I'm for drive-thru order takers who can muster up a smile
        D              A                    E
I'm for taking in that stray dog who's been hangin' around a while
            D               A           D            A
And I'm for turning off the TV, gettin' off the internet
            D                A            E
And I'm for learnin' all the words to the Gettysburg Address

Chorus I
        D               A           E                 A
I'm for dusty pawn shop guitars and boxers past their prime
        D               A          E                               Fm
I'm for soakin' up the wisdom when an old man speaks his mind
        F#m              A                D              A
I'm for laid off factory workers when the wolf is at the door
D                 A               Bm        E                 D
You don't have to guess what I'm against if you know what I'm for

(like intro)

Verse II
I'm for Texas margaritas, and gettin' out of debt
I'm for having faith in something that hasn't happened yet
For the shy in the corner afraid to ask the girl to dance
For the ex-con out of prison who just wants a second chance
For the inner city teacher with her heart stuck in her throat
Can still see God in every child and never gives up hope

Chorus II
        D               A           E                 A
I'm for dusty pawn shop guitars and boxers past their prime
        D               A          E                              Fm
I'm for soakin' up the wisdom when my old man speaks his mind
        F#m             A                D              A
I'm for Detroit factory workers when the wolf is at the door
D                 A               Bm        E                 D
You don't have to guess what I'm against if you know what I'm for

D    A    D    A    D    A    E    Fm

        F#m             A                  D             A
I'm for countin' all my blessings when the wolf is at my door
D                 A            Bm          A
You don't have to ask what I'm against
   D                 A              Bm       E                          D     Asus4   A
No you don't have to guess what I'm against, yeah, if you know what I'm for
D Asus4 A             D Asus4 A E  A
            what I'm for

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