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In It For The Money tabs - Pat Green

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                I saw a couple of requests for this one so I thought I would learn a new
song this morning. I haven't listened to Pat Green since I saw him with
Keith Urban 5 or 6 years ago. Good stuff!!!

The D5 as I have it marked is with the hi E muted. You can play this chord
as a Dsus2 with the same fingering except let the hi E ring out. Sounds
good either way...or mix it up between verse and chorus for a bit of change
in mood between the two. I also added the A note on hi E to the D5 chord at
the end of the intro where the chord holds.

Tuned down 1/2 step to Eb.

C#	446664
B	224442
G#min	466444
A	X02220
Dsus2	XX0230 (Alt for D5)

 F#m  Em   D5    F#m  Em   D5   Em   F#m  Em   D5   Em   F#m  Em   D5
                 F#m             Em               
One night in New Orleans I met a painted lady
    D5                       Em
She swore that she knew just how to save me
        F#m                       Em
Said it wouldn't take long just a new york minute
D5                          Em
Believe me boy you wont soon forget about it
      F#m           Em   
I was tempted and I told her no
    D5                      Em
She grabbed my hand and she wouldn't let go
         Dsus2                                          C#   
She said listen here boy we aint that different you and me

Chorus 1

         D5    A                Em      
Cause it human nature been that way since cain and able
           D5                         A    
If there's bread in your pocket don't matter how you got it
As long as there's food on the table
   D5         A                  Em            B
And sooner or later you're gonna figure it out honey
       D5              C#                         F#m
If you aint it for the love you're in it for the money

(second half of Intro)

             F#m          Em
I met an old timer behind tootsey's lounge
       D5                        Em
In the shadow of the ryman as the sun went down
            F#m                   Em
He said they steal your soul in a radio song
    D5                           Em
You say you want fame but it won't last long
        F#m                       Em
He said you'll be tempted but you better say no
   D5                     Em
He grabbed my hand and he wouldn't let go
        D5                                     C#
He said cowboy we ain't that different you and me

Chorus 2

          D5    A                Em
Yeah, its human nature been that way since hank and waylon
        D5                         A                       D5
You put fame in your pocket but as soon as you got it your star is already fading
         D5        A              Em              C#           
Yeah and sooner or later this old town sure seems funny
       D5                 C#                         F#m
If you aint in it for the love you're in it for the money


F#m Em D5 Em x2     F#m G#m A   D5  
                                Everybody's tempted
Everybody's tempted
Have you been tempted

Chorus 3

         D5    A                Em      
And it's human nature been that way since cain and able
           D5                         A    
If there's bread in your pocket don't matter how you got it
As long as there's food on the table
   D5         A                Em           B
And sooner or later you better ask yourself honey
       D5                 C#
Do you do what you do for love,
       D5                 C#
Do you do what you do for love
         D5              C#
When you ain't in it for love
Then you're in it for the money



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