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Miss What's Her Name chords - Sammy Kershaw

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What's her name (echoed)

2 bars of drums


G         D           C       D
There's a new girl in town,
G          D                  C             D
lives just down the road in a big old brick house,
G            D              C     D
She drives a white Mercedes-Benz, 
    G            D                    C              D
the only thing I know for sure is I'd like to be her friend.
     Em             D      C
But, she don't know I exsist,
Em          D              C             D 
I've had my eye on her and all I know is this, that,

G      D         C               D
I'm in love with Miss What's Her Name, 
     G                D C D
Miss What's Her Name,
G         D       C    D
She's the one for me, yeah,
G                    D C D 
Miss What's Her Name.

G     D                 C           D
Rumor has it she's from Pittsburgh, 
    G             D                C       D
her husband was a hot shot in some big law firm,
G           D                C        D
He left her for some teenage blonde, 
G            D               C        D    
word is he's unemployeed and lives in Arkansas, and,
Em                D   C   
She's stuck here with me, 
Em        D               C                D        
she don't know it yet but one day she will see that,

G       D        C               D 
I'm in love with Miss What's Her Name,
     G                D C D
Miss What's Her Name,
G         D       C     D  
She's the one for me, yeah, 
G                     D C D 
Miss What's Her Name.

Em    D         C
If we ever meet face to face, 
Em              D              C
first thing I'd do is ask her, what's your name?

Cause I'm in love with Miss What's Her Name, 

Miss What's Her Name,

G         D       C    D 
She's the one for me, yeah,
     G               D C D
Miss What's Her Name,      What's Her Name!

(Solo 1x over chorus)

G      D         C               D
I'm in love with Miss What's Her Name, 
     G                D C D
Miss What's Her Name,
G         D      C      D
She's the one for me, yeah,  
Miss What's Her Name.(echoed)

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