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Southbound chords - Sammy Kershaw

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                Intro: (A)   (D)   (A)   (D)

(A) Grease in our (E) hair
(D) Hands in our pock(E)ets
(A) We stood and (E) stared
At (D) cars goin' past
(F#m) We placed our (Bm7) bets
(D) Where they were (A) headed
And (F#m) held our ciga(Bm7)rettes
Like (D) movie stars (E)

(A) Grandmother's (E) hands
(D) Hard from the gar(E)den
(A) She had a (E) plan
For (D) me to preach one day
(F#m) She prayed for (Bm7) rain
She (D) watched and she (A) waited
And (F#m) never comp(Bm7)lained
When it (D) did not fall (E)

(F#m) South(E)bo(A)und
Breezes (Dmaj9) blow(D6)ing
(F#m) This (E) to(A)wn ain't my (Bm7) home
(A/C#) (D) You can (F#m) slow me do(E)wn (A)
But I'm (E) go(D)ing
(F#m) If I can (Bm7) turn this (A) road I'm on (E)
(A) Southbound

---key change---

(Bb) Stories I (F) tell
(Eb) Reek of nostalgia
And (Bb) those that know me (F) well
Have (Eb) heard 'em all before
(Gm) How far I've (Cm7) come
(Bb/D) Mostly I'm (Bb) proud of
But (Gm) where I'm comin' (Cm7) from
Is (F) calling me

(Gm) South(F)bo(Bb)und
Breezes (Ebmaj9) blow(Eb6)ing
(Gm) This (F) to(Bb)wn ain't my (Cm7) home
(Bb/D) (Eb) You can (Gm) slow me do(F)wn (Bb)
But I'm (F) go(Eb)ing
(Gm) If I can (Cm7) turn this (Bb) road I'm on (F)


Solo: (Emaj9)  (Eb6)  (Gm)  (F)  (Bb)  (Cm7)  (Bb/D) (Eb)

You can (Gm) slow me do(F)wn (Bb)
But I'm (F) go(Eb)ing
(Gm) If I can (Cm7) turn this (Bb) road I'm on (F)
(Gm) If I can (Cm7) turn this (Bb) road I'm (F) on
(Bb) Southbound

(Gm) South(F)bo(Bb)und
Breezes (Ebmaj9) blow(Eb6)ing
(Gm) This (F) to(Bb)wn ain't my (Cm7) home
(Bb/D) (Eb) You can (Gm) slow me do(F)wn (Bb)
But I'm (F) go(Eb)ing
If (Gm) I can (Cm7) turn this (Bb) road I'm on (F)

Fade out...

Dmaj9   =    x5465x
D6      =    x5445x
Ebmaj9  =    x6576x
Eb6     =    x6556x
A/C#    =    x4222x
Bb/D    =    x5333x
Eb      =    x68886
Bb      =    x13331
F       =    133211
Bm7     =    x24432
Cm7     =    x35543
F#m     =    242222
Gm      =    355333

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