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Cash On The Barrelhead 2 chords - Louvin Brothers

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Louvin Brothers Sheet music
Got in a little trouble, down at the county seat.
                                                B7     E 
Lord, they put me in the jailhouse, for loafin' on the street.

When the judge heard the verdict, said I'm a guilty man,
                                        B7          E 
He said, "Forty-five dollars, or thirty days in the can."
                  A                       E  
Said, "That'll be cash on the barrelhead, son;
                  B7                    E
You can make your choice, you're twenty-one.
         A               E
No money down, no credit plan,
           B7                          E   
No time to chase you, 'cause I'm  busy man."

Found a telephone number, on a laundry slip,
And a good-hearted jailer, with a six-gun hip.
He let me call long-distance, she said, "Number, please..."
No sooner than I told her, she shouted out at me,
Said, "That'll be cash on the barrelhead, son,
Not part, not half, but the entire sum.
No money down, no credit plan,
'Cause a little bird tells me, that you're a travellin' man."

Thirty days in the jailhouse, four days on the road,
I was feeling mighty hungry, my feet a heavy load.
Saw a greyhound comin', stuck up my thumb;
Before I got to my seat, the driver caught my arm.
Said, "That'll be cash on the barrelhead, son;
This old grey dog, she's paid to run.
When the engine stops, and the wheels won't roll,
You give me cash on the barrelhead, I'll take you down the road."

[some versions repeat last 4 lines of verse1, and/or tag last line] 

[Thanks to Brian for corrections]

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