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What Is Home Without Love chords

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What is Home Without Love
As recorded by the Louvin Bros.
album:  Tragic Songs of Life
(Traditional arranged by Charlie and Ira Louvin)
Recorded May 2, 1956.

², Bb

Sad and alone in a mansion
No loving wife to caress

Sat a man sad and lonely
No loving wife's lips to kiss

She married him for (possessions?)
No love in her heart had she
Sad and alone, in his fine home
V                                                  I
He looked all around him and said Chorus, same progression. What is a home without a baby? To love and to tease and adore? What is home without a sweet wife? To kiss you each night at the door? What is a home without sunshine? To spread its bright rays from above? You can have wealth and its pleasures But what is a home without love? Walking down the streets one evening He passed by a cottage so neat Stopped and looked in the window He saw there a picture so sweet A husband, a wife, and a baby They were hugging and kissing too He turned aside, his tears to cry And from his lips came these words chorus