High Cost Of Living chords - Louvin Brothers Chords

High Cost Of Living chords

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This is the work of Tim Ausburn. List under Louvin Bros.

I think the Louvin Bros. did this song in the 50's.
This version is from the Whitstein Bros. 1987. They
pretty much covered the Louvin Bros. verbatim.


(A) The landlord wants his money,
The grocery (A7) bill is (D) due,
My pocket book is (A) always (F#m) flat,
And (B7) boy I’m tellin' (E7) you;

My (A) clothes are gettin' ragged,
My shoes are (A7) gettin' (D) thin,
Just lend an ear and (A) I'll ex- (F#m) plain,
This (B7) awful (E7) fix I’m (A) in.

(A) It’s the high, high, high, (A7) cost of (D) livin',
Oh (A) tell me what a workin man can (E7) do,
It’s the (A) high, high, high, cost of (D) livin',
I’m (A) in the red and (E7) feelin mighty (A) blue.
No T-bone steaks no pork chops, And no more chocolate pie, I can’t afford those luxuries, Cause prices are too high; I use to drive a Cadillac, Until the other day, The finance company came along, And took my car away. REPEAT CHORUS: My little wife she told me, And just the other day, Throw out your chest and tell the rest, That Junior’s on the way; Now since we can’t postpone the stork, A helpin hand I’ll need, Oh tell me how I can afford, Another mouth to feed. REPEAT CHORUS: