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Guitar From The Wall chords - Corb Lund

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Corb Lund Sheet music
                Capo on 2 – only the bottom 5 strings though. Leave the low
E open and that will give you that drop D tuning and still
play all the chords the normal shapes.

D      C      G   D
Mmmmm  mmmmm  mmmmmm

D                  Cadd9           G                 D  
Pull down that old guitar from the wall and come and sing
        G                D              A 
You can help me with the verses and the half forgotten things
   D                   C                 G            D
My mind ain't what she used to be now, a lot of it is gone
    G                D                     A
But I still know the good parts, at least enough to sing along

D                     Cadd9           G                 D  
So pull down that old guitar from the wall and come and sing
G                 D           A   
Gently stroke her body as you deftly tune her strings
D                   Cadd9         G                  D
There ain't much to do for me now that you've up and gone
   G                  D               A               D 
So pull down that old guitar from the wall and get it done

D      C      G   D
Mmmmm  mmmmm  mmmmmm

Pull down that old guitar from the wall and come and sing
Time, she gets the best of us, the jokers and the kings
There ain't much that I can play now that my hands have turned to stone
Besides, you know how I always hated to have to sing alone


Corb Lund ChordsCorb Lund Lyrics

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