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Montana Waltz chords by Corb Lund

Corb Lund Chords

   G   D   F   C     F C   G
E -3------------------------------|
B -0----------------------------0-|
G -0-2-------0----------------0---|
D -0---4-0-3---2--2--3-2---0------|
A -2---------------------3--------|
E -3------------------------------|
      G             D        F              C   C
Well north west Montana can still make her cry
          F    C          G      G
Too many long nights without him
          G          D               F            C
And when Charles M. Russell gets to paintin' the sky
 C          F   C       G      G
She's all alone in the shadows
      G              D          F       C   C
Well she's much too pretty for livin' alone
          C            G     G
He's too stubborn for tamin'
      G          D          F            C   C
He's ridin' the range at a camp with no phone
            F   C       G      G
She's all alone in the shadows
         Em                        G
And the wind in the sage brush it whispers him down
    Em                       C         D
It whispers him down to his wintering ground
 G             D              F              C  C
She knows the deep snow will soon bring him down
                 F    C       G     G
But she's gonna wait for her cowboy
G  D  F  C  C  F C  G  G
G  D  F  C  C  F C  G  G
     G      D             F           C  C
The last I saw her I was workin' the bar
          C    F   C      G   G
Got some good bars in Montana
                G         D
I bought 'em a couple of rounds
          F             C
And they jumped in his car
           C           F     C      G        G
They were gone in the blink of his taillights
         Em                        G
And the wind in the sage brush it whispered him down
    Em                        C         D
It whispered him down to his wintering ground
 G            D               F              C
She knew the deep snow would soon bring him down
 C          F    C        G     G
She's long gone with her cowboy
Am                     G
All for the love of a cowboy
   G   D   F   C     F   C G
E -3-------------------------|
B -0-------------------------|
G -0-2-------0---------------|
D -0---4-0-3---2--2--3-2---0-|
A -2---------------------3---|
E -3-------------------------|

Corb Lund ChordsCorb Lund Lyrics

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Corb Lund

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