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(You Ain't A Cowboy) If You Ain't Been Bucked Off tabs by Corb Lund

Corb Lund Chords

Capo 4th


I was mindin' my business and holdin' the fort
And I still remember how you sallied forth
And my mind, it was busy, warnin' my heart
           F                         Fm                C
But, hell, you ain't a cowboy if you ain't been bucked off 

The story's familiar, the oldest tale in the west
I fell into love then the bird left the nest
Well I guess that there's reasons we let our hard hearts go soft
    F                         Fm                C
And you ain't a cowboy if you ain't been bucked off
[ Tab from: ]
        F                                  C 
There's all kinds of horses will leave you grabbin' the breeze
F                            C
Busted up and broken up with scars you can't see
           Fm                             C
But if you ain't been bucked off and been throwed a few times
   Fm                               C
It don't count for nothin' when you make that last ride

Fm Gm Fm C x3
Fm Gm Fm G

In acoustic version:


Well the years have passed quickly and ain't nothin's the same
Only I don't feel different and you've hardly changed
Well I guess what I'm sayin' is I'll give one last nod
       F                         Fm                C   
'Cause you ain't a cowboy if you ain't been bucked off
     F                          Fm                C
Nahh you ain't a cowboy, if you ain't been bucked off

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