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Hurtin' Albertan chords

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            Hurtin' Albertan

Pretty wicked song. I decided to add just the basics for a second guitar part 
since its pretty easy and sounds pretty good. Sounds good with just 1 guitar, 
but if ya wanna burn the place down find a buddy with a guitar.



2.Riff 1
a dually diesel pullin hard with a horse trailer in tow

montana side of sweet grass and i'm headed home

2.Riff 2 trophy buckles and whiskey bottles and a worn out saddle horn 1.E 2.Riff 1 bareback riders and teamropers, huskin taber corn 1.B 2.Riff 3 The roads get better every time i cross north of forty nine 1.E 2.Riff 1 Bass walk well i tip my hat and it's good to be back across the medicine line CHORUS A hurtin albertan with nothing more to lose E too much oil money, not enough booze A east of the rockies and west of the rest E7 do my best to do my damnedest and that’s just about all I guess INTRO C.B. TALK D C them windy b.c. mountain passes finally flatten out hairpin turns and pst got my heart up in my throat it’s hairy haulin horses up across the great divide and them wild chilcotin buckaroos, they sure know how to ride the roads get better every time i cross that british columbia line i tip my hat and it's good to back across the kickin horse line

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