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Saddle In The Rain chords by John Prine

John Prine Chords

Saddle In The Rain
John Prine


(Em)I wish, I hope, I wonder
Where you're at so(A)metimes
Is y(Em)our back against the wall?
Or just ac(A)ross the line
Have you been sta(Em)nding in the rain
Reciting nursery rh(A)ymes
Trying to re(Em)call some long lost kind of pe(A)ace of mind
Peace of m(D)ind
Try spending the n(G)ight sometime
All alone in a fr(D)ozen room
Afterneath you've l(A)ain
Your saddle in the r(Em)ain


(Em)I dreamed they locked God up
Down in my bas(A)ement
And he wai(Em)ted there for me
To have this acci(A)dent
So he could dr(Em)ink my wine
And eat me like a sacra(A)ment
And I just st(Em)ood there like I do
Then I came and w(A)ent
I came and w(D)ent
Like a bird in a for(G)eign sky
Couldn't even s(D)ay goodbye
Or come and share the p(A)ain
My Saddle's in the r(Em)ain.

(G)La la la la la la la (d)la la
(C)La la la la la la la la (B)la
(G)La la la la la la la la (D)la
(C)La la la la la la la la (B)la


(Em)I saw a friend who doesn't know
If I'm his fri(A)end just yet
His eyes and m(Em)outh were widely open
And his j(A)aw was set
Like he'd f(Em)ell off a cliff
And hadn't hit the bo(A)ttom yet
I wish he wo(Em)uldn't pull those things on me
Without a n(A)et
Without a n(D)et
I had him up to the ho(G)use one time
And we was having a re(D)al good time
Then he went and la(A)in
His saddle in the r(Em)ain

(G)La la la la la la la la (D)la
(C)La la la la la la la la (B)la
(G)La la la la la la la la (D)la
(C)La la la la la la la la (B)la


In a lau(Em)ndromat not too far from the Al(A)amo
Sits a g(Em)irl who stole my records very lo(A)ng ago
And she w(Em)ishes, wants and washes out those di(A)rty clothers
As she sh(Em)uts her eyes and dreams about her O(A)ne-Eyed Joe
One-Eyed J(D)oe
Car parked on a di(G)rty road
Heaven knows the lo(D)ad she pulled
Couldn't take the st(A)rain
A saddle in the r(Em)ain



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John Prine

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