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The One I've Got chords by Brown Sawyer

Brown Sawyer Chords

[Verse 1]
        A          D
Yeah, I don't mind walkin' the line
           A              D
I won't be dancin' with a stranger
             A               D
But when she says, "Jump," I say, "How high?"
    A                  D
I'm wrapped around her finger
         A       Bm
They say love is blind
          A        D
But I can see just fine
             G         A     D
That's why I call her "Sugar Baby"
      G              A       D
And I tell her she's smokin' hot
                G          A              Bm
I don't need to search the world for that special girl
           G        A        D
Just wanna keep the one I've got
               G        A        D
I'm just tryna keep the one I've got
[Verse 2]
     A                          D
When she looks at me, it's like I'm in a dream
    A                D
And I can't help but wonder
          A                  D
All I can do is stare, yeah, I'm well aware
         A              D
It could be a spell I'm under
      A         Bm
Yeah, I can't believe
           A        D
What she's doin' to me
             G         A     D
That's why I call her "Sugar Baby"
      G              A       D
And I tell her she's smokin' hot
                G          A              Bm
I don't need to search the world for that special girl
           G        A        D
Just wanna keep the one I've got
               G        A        D
I'm just tryna keep the one I've got
[Guitar Solo]
G A D   G A D   G A Bm
    C                    G            D
And she tells me I'm the only one she needs
        C                 G
I would climb the highest mountain
    A                    D  A
She brings me to my knees
             G         A     D
That's why I call her "Sugar Baby"
      G              A       D
And I tell her she's smokin' hot
                G          A              Bm
I don't need to search the world for that special girl
           G        A        D
Just wanna keep the one I've got
               G        A        D
I'm just tryna keep the one I've got
        G        A        D
I wanna keep the one I've got
          G        A        D
I'm gonna keep the one I've got

"The One I've Got" by Sawyer Brown is a heartwarming tune that beautifully
captures the essence of devotion and contentment in love. With its straightforward
chord progression and catchy chorus, it's a song that resonates with anyone who's
found "the one." Here's how to play it:

Chords used: D, A, Bm, G, C

Start with a D chord to set the tone for the song.

Verse 1:
The verse oscillates between A and D chords, reflecting the narrative of being
deeply in love and completely devoted to one's partner. The transition to Bm and back
to D underscores the proclamation of clear-sighted love despite the adage that "love is blind."

The chorus introduces G and A chords, creating an uplifting and joyful mood as the singer
expresses his endearment and satisfaction with his partner, emphasizing that he doesn't
need to look any further than the one he's got.

Verse 2:
Similar to Verse 1, with A and D chords painting the picture of being mesmerized and utterly
captivated by his partner's presence, reinforcing the theme of wonder and enchantment in love.

Guitar Solo:
The guitar solo follows the chord pattern G, A, D, and Bm, offering a melodic break that
mirrors the song's upbeat and loving sentiments.

The bridge shifts to C and G before returning to A and D, highlighting the singer's
commitment and the profound impact his partner has on him, bringing him "to my knees"
in a declaration of love and devotion.

Conclude with the D chord, gently closing the narrative of unwavering love and commitment.

Playing Tips:

Keep the strumming pattern steady and rhythmic, allowing the lyrics and chords to convey
the song's heartfelt message.
The transition from the verses to the chorus should feel seamless and natural, reflecting
the song's narrative flow from personal reflection to a broader declaration of love.
Pay attention to the dynamic shifts in the bridge, allowing the emotional depth
of the lyrics to shine through.
The guitar solo is a great opportunity to add your expressive touch, staying true
to the song's joyful essence.            

Brown Sawyer ChordsBrown Sawyer Lyrics

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