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Bury Me In Blue Jeans chords - Granger Smith

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Bury Me In Blue Jeans Sheet music
(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(C)(G)|(G)  | x 2

(C) I guess I (G)learned it from my granddad, (C) I like the (G)shirts with a little pearl snaps
I'd (Em)die in boots if it was up to me, (D) they'd bury me in blue jeans 

Inst.:  (G) x 4 bars

(C) Couldn't be a (G)cowboy, I'm a hundred years late, I'm a (C) six string (G)poet and a radio slave
I (Em) never ask for too many things, just (D)bury me in blue jeans (G)

And (C)I know, I know that's (G)so far to go, got the (Em)roots of an oak and a (D)tumbleweed soul
When (C)my time's up all this (G)good ol' boy needs is to (Em)bury me in (D)blue jeans

Inst.:  |(C/G)(G)|(G)  | x 2

(C) I'm a (G)brother, I'm a son, I'm a dad, I'm a (C) thankful (G)one for everything I have
(Em) I'm not gonna regret the past, when they (D)bury me in blue jeans (G)

(C)I know, I know that's (G)so far to go, got the (Em)roots of an oak and a (D)tumbleweed soul
When (C)my time's up all this (G)good ol' boy needs is to (Em)bury me in (D)blue jeans (G)

Inst.:  |(Am) |(Em) |(C) |(G) |(Am) |(Em) |(D) |(D) |
        |(C/G)(G)|(G)  |(C/G)(G)|(G)  |

(C) Something (G)faded and worn in the knees, (C) fits like a (G)glove and frayed at the seams
(Em) And throw this old guitar in there, please, when you (D)bury me in blue (G)jeans

Inst.:  |(C)(G)|(G) |(C)(G)|(G) |(Em) |(Em) |(D) | 
        |(C)Wo-(G)w |(G)wo wo |(C)wo-(G)w, |(G)wo wo |(Em)wow, |(Em)wo wo |(D)wo |
        |(C)Wo-(G)w |(G)wo wo |(C)wo-(G)w, |(G)wo wo |(Em)wow, |(Em)wo wo |(D)wo |

(C) (G) Please give me so far to go, (C) (G) oh, give me so far to go
(Em) If you can hear me now (D)
Give me so (C)far to (G)go, give me (C)roots of an (G)oak
I got a (Em)tumbleweed soul, so far, so far to (D)go
It's so far to go |(C)(G)|(G) |(C)(G)|(G) |(Em) |(Em) |(D) |(G) -----

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