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This Kind Of Christmas chords by Granger Smith

Granger Smith Chords

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D) |(G) | x 2

(D) This time of (G)year I get to-(D)gether (G)
(D) With the only (G)grandma I got (D)left (G)
(D) I know these (G)days won't last for-(D)ever, (G)
(D) So I cherish (G)every one I (D) get

(F#m) That's the thing about the (G)holidays
(Bm) All the simple (A)things mean the most (G) (A)

Like coming (G)home on Christmas Eve, Chevy headlights guiding me like a (D)north star
Showing me the way
(Bm) The (A)smell of (G)pine tree and apple spice, the whole family's home tonight
(Bm)Sitting round the (A)fire humming holiday (G) songs
(F#m) I'm gonna (Em)miss this (F#m)kind of (G)Christmas when it's gone (D)

(D) Dad's got the (G) lights up on the (D)front porch (G)
(D) Mom hung the (G) angel on the (D)tree (G)
(D) She tried so (G) hard to keep our (D)fingers (G)
(D) Off that cherry (G) pie before we eat (D)

(F#m) We remember when my (G)grandad was around
(Bm) He really loved (A) this time of (G)year

Like coming (G)home on Christmas Eve, Chevy headlights guiding me like a (D)north star
Showing me the way
Smell that (G)oak log fireplace, 3 brothers and a football game
We'll all (Bm) sit down for (A)supper before too (G) long
(F#m) I'm gonna (Em)miss this (F#m)kind of (G)Christmas when it's gone (D)

You know the (G)years can fly, they can pass us by, they can (Bm)leave behind the days that we know
But I've (Em)got to try and live my life, like (G)it's the last time that I'll go (A) ---

(G)Home on Christmas Eve, Chevy headlights guiding me like a (D)north star
(D/C#) Showing me the way (F#m)(Em)(G)(F#m)
And I (G)don't think it's a time to waste
We only really have today to (Bm)make these memo-(A)ries with Dad (G) and Mom
(F#m) I'm gonna (Em)miss this (F#m)kind of (G) Christmas when it's gone |(D)(D/C#)(D) / |(D)

So I wanna (Em)live this kind (D) of Christmas before it's gone |(D)(G)|(D)(G)
Oh, 'til it's gone, |(D)(G)| so this (D)Christmas I'm going home ----

Granger Smith ChordsGranger Smith Lyrics

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