I Almost Am chords

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            Capo 1

From the moment that she buckles up
She's playin' DJ in my pickup truck
She changes stations to her rock 'n' roll
And I would never think to tell her no
A            Bm                      A    
She leans in close, and kisses on my cheek
I'm swervin' down the road
Goosebumps down to my feet

           D                         A
I'm just a blue jean, red wing kinda guy
A                                Bm
Gettin' better at barely gettin' by
Bm                                G
Just a good 'ol boy, I don't know why
G She hangs around with me D A I don't have much that I can give A Bm But so much life I've yet to live Bm G That takes the miracle she is, to understand Em G She takes me by the hand and loves me for the man D I almost am If I really save my pennies right I'll buy that diamond ring she swears she doesn't like I tell her someday soon, we'll live all our dreams And like a Sunday congregation she believes Now I'm still not All that I can be But I won't stop 'Til I'm everything she needs Chorus Bridge: G And I know someday G D I'll get that house outside of town G But she reminds me always G Bm That she don't care about that stuff A She won't forget she fell in love Chorus And I almost am