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Adrenaline And Heresy chords - Volt Son

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                [D]Facing the crossroads we've [F#m] come to
Weighted with [G]sinking thoughts of [D]heresy

[D]It's been slow
A good show [F#m]just the same
Been hanging on so [G]long
Hanging on for [D]so long

[G]Out of your [A]arms into the absence [D]pit
No collection of [G]words can [D]describe it
[G]Can [D]describe it
[G]A concrete [A]conscience here is worth [D]nil
A placebo [G]pill full of bitter [D]comfort
[G]Bitter [D]comfort


[D]Been watching
Looking for a [F#m]magic wand[G]
Been looking for providence
Been watching [D]for a sign

[D]If time will show
The reasons for [F#m]speaking these words
That ask for no [G]sentence
In the absence of [D]crime

[G]She said I still [A]love [D]you
I don't know if I [G]want to spend the 
rest of my [D]time with [G]you
The rest of my [D]life with [G]you

[G]She said I still [A]love [D]you
I don't know if I [G]want to spend the 
rest of my [D]time with [G]you
The rest of my [D]life with [G]you

[G]She said I still [A]love [D]you
I don't know if I [G]want to spend the 
rest of my [D]time with [G]you
The rest of my [D]life with [G]you D

G A D x4

[G]High on adrena[A]line it's A [D]new day G A D x6

G A D x4

Volt Son ChordsVolt Son Lyrics

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