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Albuquerque chords

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Written by: Chris Lindsey & Stephonie Seekel
Album: "Change"
Performed by: Sons of the Desert
Transcribed by: Lesley Lenderman

Intro:  D  Bm  A

I've [D] spent 23 nights in this one horse town
I've [Bm] been jacked up, been broke down for too [A] long
I've [D] been busting my tail in the blazing sun
Watching [Bm] jack rabbits watch tumbleweeds run until [A] dawn
[Bm] Something's whisperin' in my [F#m7] ear
[G] That I should be [Bm] light years from [Gm] here in

[D] Albuquerque, [Bm] where the skies are [A] blue
(I'm gonna take a bus, take a train, gonna fly
[F#m7] Prayin' she's there after all this time)
[D] Oh in Albuquerque, [Bm] my heart aches for [A] you
(Stretchin' out across the lazy haze
[F#m7] Haunting my dreams, callin' my name)

Three more days 'til I get my pay
I need my money but I can't stay another night I've been tossin', turnin' in my bed I can't get her out, out of my head to save my life I shake the sand outta my boots Six hundred thirty-four miles to you in Repeat Chorus F#m7 xx422x Gm x55x33

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