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Goodbye to Hello chords by Sons Of The Desert

Sons Of The Desert Chords

Intro: C G D G, C G D

C 	  	  G
Cotton balls between your toes
D 	  	      G
They’re all lined up in a row
         C 	  	  G 	  	     D
As you’re painting your nails at breakfast time

It’s the way you drink your juice
You’re mesmerizing, it’s no use
That I ever try to get you off my mind

Come eight o’clock, I’m on the run
   C 	  	  	  	 D
I can’t believe I get anything done

‘Cause when I’m leaving,
It’s the rearview mirror that helps me hold on to you
 D 	    C
(I start thinkin’) about you baby
 	   G 	  	  C       	  	 D 	  C
And that’s all I really want to do
 	  	  	  	  	   (All day I’m dreamin’)
                      G      D/F#    Em 	               D 	      A
Dreams about holding you when I get home and that’s where I go
       C  G  C   D  C

C G D G, C G D

I can picture you right now,
Singing your favorite songs out loud
As you’re dancing around while you’re hanging up the clothes
You’re the apple of my eye
And this job ain’t a good enough reason why I
Ever have to leave you alone

Come five o’ clock, I’m on the road
I’ve been waiting since goodbye to say hello


C G D G, C G D

Bm 	  	           C 	  	          Bm
 	           Esus E
‘Til I come back around


D A E A, D A E 

Sons Of The Desert ChordsSons Of The Desert Lyrics

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Sons Of The Desert

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