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"What About You" by Sons Of The Desert 
From their unreleased Epic Album 
MCA Records, 1999 
Transcribed by Kevin Ross (kjross@yahoo.com)

Intro: F#m G A 

           F#m        G       A 
Threw my alarm clock in the trash can 
F#m G        A 
3 a.m. last night 
F#m      G       A 
I don't need no wake up call 
      F#m        G      A 
'Cause I can't close my eyes 

Bm                Em 
When I do, you're all I see 
    G            F#m 
And all I dream about 
Bm                      Em 
Girl, you've started a fire in me 
    G              A 
And I can't put it out 
CHORUS: D A Bm A I think it's the real thing baby G A What about you D A Bm A It's about to drive me crazy G A What about you D A Bm A F#m G Love's the only thing that makes me feel like I do F#m G A What about you F#m G A If you dial my number And I'm not at home You can leave a message On my code-a-phone If anyone else calls tonight They'll think I've lost my mind 'Cause it says I love you, I love you I love you a million times CHORUS Instrumental on TURNAROUND chords CHORUS

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