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I Need To Be Wrong Again chords by Sons Of The Desert

Sons Of The Desert Chords

“I Need To Be Wrong Again” by Sons of the Desert
Written by Drew Womack and Monty Powell
From the album “Change”
MCA Records, 2000
Transcribed by Kevin Ross (
Visit my website at

Intro: G A, G A (x2)

        G          A       G   A
I was wrong and I let her down
	G       A          G   A
Either gone or just not around
	    G           A         G    A
And I was wrong when I said I’d change
	   Bm	    A              G
‘Cause all I ever changed was her name

This morning I tasted doubt
As she kissed me on my way out
And it took me 22 miles, too many years
    Bm       A           G           Asus A
And one red light for it all to come clear

D         A       Bm        G
Sign says 55, but I just ignore it
D		  A		Bm		G
That kiss really meant goodbye, that’s why I floor it
D	   A		     Bm	      G
I’ll be a different man from here on in
                   Bm     A  G F#m
But I need to be wrong again
	      Em    A
Just let me wrong again

G A, G A

If she could be in her favorite chair
Just to see her face when I get there
Lord, I’d change my ways if it’s not too late
To show her how much I care


Bm                             Cadd9
‘Cause I need a miracle, and I don’t have long
Grant me the right, I need to be wrong

D A Bm G, D A Bm G

Let her be behind the bathroom door with her long hair curling
Or playing in the living room with our little girl
And oh yeah, I’ll be a different man from here on in
But I know she’s gone
Let me be wrong again
I need to be wrong again

G A, G A

Sons Of The Desert ChordsSons Of The Desert Lyrics

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