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Hand Of Fate chords by Sons Of The Desert

Sons Of The Desert Chords

     Here's my version of Hand of Fate by the Sons of the Desert
     It should go along with the CD, but if I missed anything just let me 
     know so I can fix my version.  Enjoy.....
     sung by Sons of the Desert
     The F#m is the last two strums before the change to E in the intro. 
     and chorus.
     Intro.  A F#m E D
     (A)She was a waitress down in New Orleans
     (E)She had a broken (D)past
     (A)He worked the oil rigs over in Corpus
     (E)Out on a weekend (D)pass
     (D)He sat down at the (A)end of the counter
     at the little (E) café
     (D)They weren't looking but they found each other
                 E              D      C#  B    
     Or did love find them either way
              A F#m E                      D
     Tell me who is dealin' up the hand of fate
              A F#m E                      D
     Is it true, love is always worth the wait
     (D)And it's never too late, it's never too late
     Same as intro. A F#m E D
     (A)She lived her whole life in Sault (pronounced Sue?) Saint Marie
     (E)Working at the five and (D) dime
     (A)He was a drifter headin' out of Toronto
     (E)Just killing (D)time
     (D)Their eyes met and (A)they fell together and
     In just one(E) night
     (D)Two people who swore they'd never
                E              D      C#  B    
     Fell in love in those harbor lights
     (E)You may call it destiny but there's a (D) rhyme 
     and a reason we can't see
     (F#m)When you're down and lonely and about to give up
     (D)Have a little faith and believe in (E) love
     same as intro.  AF#m E D
     (Chorus)X2 fade out

Sons Of The Desert ChordsSons Of The Desert Lyrics

Sons Of The Desert Chords List

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Sons Of The Desert

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