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Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues chords - Marty Stuart

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                Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues
Recorded by Marty Stuart

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  --- | (D)  | (D)  | (D)  | (D)  |
             | (D) (F#7) | (Bm7) (E7) | (G) (A7) | (D) (A7) |

(D) Lost my favorite reindeer (F#7)in a hurricane
(Bm) Got so (Am)get-away (G) on a count of (G#dim)rain
(D) Countin' my troubles by (F#7)threes and by (Bm7) twos
(E7) Even Santa Claus (A7)gets the blues (Eb7)

(D) Well, I wasn't given (F#7) for just one silent night
(Bm) Just me and (Am)mama close (G)by the warm (G#dim)fire light, yeah
(D) But Christmas time is comin', there's (F#7) just so much to (Bm7)do
(E7) Even (A7)Santa Claus gets the (D)blues (D7)

But I know (G)every single chimney like the (D) back of my hand
(G) People leave me milk and cookies, (D) I just think thatĀfs grand
(G) As the story (F#7)goes, I'm a (Bm7)dearly loved (E7)man
But the (A)reason for the (G)season, some folks (F#7)just don't under-(E7)stand (Eb7)

(D) So, it's back to the work shop (F#7) to make more toys
(Bm) Can't wait to (Am)give 'em to (G)all the girls and (G#dim)boys
(D) I'm hookin' up my sleigh, go a-(F#7)head and spread the (Bm7)noose
But sometimes, (E7) even (A7)Santa Claus gets the (D)blues

He goes (G)every single chimney like the (D)back of his hand
People (G)leave him milk and cookies, and (D)he think that's grand
(G)As the story (F#7)goes, he's a (Bm7)dear and loved (E7)man
The (A)reason for the (G)season, some folks (F#7)just don't under-(E7)stand (Eb7)

(D) So, it's back to the work shop, (F#7) gotta make some more toys
(Bm) Can't wait to (Am)give 'em to (G)all my girls and (G#dim)boys
(D) I'm hookin' up my sleigh, go a-(F#7)head and spread the (Bm7)noose
But sometimes, (E7) some-(G)times (G#) (A7) even Santa Claus gets the blues

Outro.:  | (D) (E7) (A7) --- | (D) ----- | (Bm) (A) (F#) (D) -----

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