Love & Luck chords - Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart Lyrics

            Love & Luck
Album Love & Luck

Intro Chords
listen for timing:  F/G    G     C/G    G   F/G  G

C           G           C      G
Well my old man had a heart of gold
        C       G           D         G
He had eyes of steel and a real deep soul
          C     G             C       G
He was a quiet man, he never said too much
    C       G                D      G
But when he did you'd better listen up
      F                    G        
I was ready to waltz all around the world 
F                   G
ready to love every blue eyed girl 
   F                          G      
my bags were packed and I was ready to leave
he shook my hand and said to me, me, me,
NC         C        G      C        G
I wish you Luck and Love,  Love and Luck
C G D G Life's a treasure, so go dig it up C G C G Be what you are and that's enough C G D G I wish you Luck and Love and Love and Luck C G D G I wish you Luck and Love and Love and Luck Verse 2 Well Here I am out on my own Ain't much to show for the seeds I've sewn There's been some broken hearts and some long lost nights I'm startin' to think I can't do nothin' right. Well, I guess you gotta learn as you go along If you're gonna do right then you can't do wrong So I looked in the mirror and I said to me daddy was right, here's what you need, need, need (back to chorus) Some Chords for the Intro... F/G C/G E-1 E-0 B-1 B-2 G-2 G-0 D-3 D-2 A-X A-3 E-3 E-3