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Tempted chords - Marty Stuart

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By:  Marty Stuart
					     F  Bb  C
Intro:  Bass notes of guitar  F  Bb C---    |----------------------
	After two progressions come in	    |----------------------
	with regular chords of F Bb C	    |----------------------
	for two more progressions and       |----3--5--------------
	then into song          	    |-3--1--3--------------

F		         Bb       C             F        Bb C
There's a girl trying to steal my heart and I'm tempted
F                     Bb       C        F      Bb C
Even though she could tear it apart I'm tempted
Bb                  Eb     C  Bb             Eb          C F
In her eyes there's mystery   every time she smiles at me
F          Bb       C          F        Bb  C  F  Bb  C
I know how it could be and I'm tempted

F             Bb       C       F       Bb C
Each time she looks my way I'm tempted
F                  Bb    C       F      Bb C
Just a little more every day I'm tempted
Bb           Eb       C  Bb             Eb            C F
It's so hard to resist   the thought of her sweet kiss
F               Bb      C        F      Bb C
Can't take much more of this I'm tempted

F           C      F         Bb
Tempted and tried, deep down inside
F         C        F     Bb C
I can't deny, I'm tempted

 F  C  F  Bb  F  C  F  C  F  C  F  Bb  F  C  F  Bb  C

F              Bb        C       F      Bb C
Ever since she caught my eye I'm tempted
F                 Bb          C       F      Bb C
Just one look and you'll know why I'm tempted
Bb               Eb     C    F   Bb                 Eb    C   Bb C
So if I'm burned by the flame,   there's no one but me to blame
F                   Bb       C        F      Bb C
Cause each time she calls my name I'm tempted

F           C     F         Bb
Tempted and tried deep down inside
F       C          F     Bb C
I can't deny, I'm tempted
(Repeat last two lines)
    F       C
I'm tempted
    F       C
I'm tempted
    F  F  F  F
I'm temted
					Jason A. Wendtland

Marty Stuart ChordsMarty Stuart Lyrics

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