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Charlies Angel chords - Mel Tillis

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Key of  Bb
Capo in  3rd Fret

Charlie's Angel
by Mel Tillis

Verse 1:
(G)Charlie's some where (C)in (G)the bar
And this time he's (C)gone to (G)far
(D)Cause she loves him still shes giv-in, up the (G)fight
While he's spreadin' (C)on (G)the charm
With a new love (C)on (G)his arm
(D)I'll be helping angel make, it through the (G)night

(G)And I'm holding, (C)Charlie's Angel (D)tonight
I'm (C)in heaven while I'm, (D)holding her (G)tight
Charlie acted (C)so (G)un-wise, walking (D)out on (C)pard-(G)ise
(C)And I'm holding, (D)Charlie's Angel (G)tonight

Verse 2:
(G)Charlie thinks, his (C)game (G)is cool
But he's the picture, (C)of a (G)fool
(D)Giving up what most men dream of, all there (G)life
He'll wake up, but (C)much (G)to late
And find his angel (C)couldn't (G)wait
(D)And I'm holding Charlie's Angel, to-(G)night

Repeat Chorus:
(C)Yes I'm holding (D)Charlie's Angel (G)tonight

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