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Send Me Down To Tucson chords by Mel Tillis

Mel Tillis Chords

Send Me Down To Tucson
By Mell Tillis

A               C#m        F#m            C#m
No one wants to go down to Tucson for the summer
   A             C#m        Bm
So this time the boss chose me
E                 Bm                 E                Bm
I’ve been sort of restless, guess he thought it might help if
       E                        A  Bm 
I got away from my wife and family
        A             C#m             F#m          C#m
There’d been no other women since the mother of my children
       A              F#m         Bm    Dm
And in each and every way she’s a lady
            E               Bm               E                Bm
Now there’s one that I’ll remember, a sultry night we spent together
        E             E7             A
And she satisfied the lovin’ side of me

          A               C#m        F#m          C#m
Go on and send me down to Tucson and I’ll get the job done
     A           C#m               Bm
Then call up the one who’s love is free
F          E          C#m     F#m          Bm              Dm
She may be easy but I love my lady but the lady don’t satisfy
           E       A
The lovin’ side of me

I know my lady’s not to blame cause they raised her prim and proper
While another takes her pleasure where she can
The one in Tucson, she don’t hide it when she gets excited
And she makes you feel you’re every inch a man
But if I could have a wish that I knew would be granted
Don’t you know that one wish would be
Just to lay beside my lady and she’d be the kind of lady
To satisfy the lovin’ side of me


Mel Tillis ChordsMel Tillis Lyrics

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