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Detroit City chords - Mel Tillis

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Detroit City Sheet music
written by Danny Dill and Mel Tillis 

G                    D7               G
Last night I went to sleep in Detroit City
      D7                                    G
And I dreamed about those cotton fields and home
  C                                G
I dreamed about my mamma  dear old papa sister and brother
      A7                                  D7
And I dreamed about the girl who has been waiting for so long
           G     G7         C
I wanna go home  I wanna go home 
G        D7       G
Oh how I wanna go home
                     D7             G
Home folks think I'm big in Detroit City
         D7                                  G
From the letters that I write they think I'm fine
       C                       G
But by day I make the cars  by night I'm a makin' the bars
   A7                               D7
If only they could read between the lines
As you know I rode a long black freight train 
Way up north to Detroit City
But after all these years I find that well 
I've just been wastin' my time
But you know what I think I'm gonna do folks 
I'm gonna take my foolish pride
And put it on a Southbound freight and ride
           G     G7         C
I wanna go home  I wanna go home 
G        D7       G
Oh how I wanna go home

[Thanks to bob for tabs]

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