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One Night Fever chords by Mel Tillis

Mel Tillis Chords

I watch you settin' at the mirror puttin' on 
your face I know a million men who'd kill 
to be here in my place

Cause your so dog-gone pretty that it's 
almost a crime To make believe you're going 
D                 A7               D
shopping, while I make believe I'm blind

D               G               D
One night fever burning in your soul, Yes 
that one night fever that you can't control
              D       G             D        
I know you're trying, but you can't be true, 
Cause that one night fever has got a hold on 

Well I thought the love I gave you, would 
surely change your ways And cure the neon 
mania that haunts you night and day

But it almost drive me crazy, pretending I 
don't know the score That, that dress you're 
        D                A7
puttin' on , will end up on a stranger's 

Repeat chorus

Mel Tillis ChordsMel Tillis Lyrics

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Mel Tillis

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