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Daddy Needs A Drink chords

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            Daddy Needs A Drink
Written by Patterson Hood
Recorded by Drive-By Truckers

(Capo on 1)

Intro.: Drums solo -- | (Dsus4) | (Am) | (C) | (G) | (Dsus4) | (Am) | (C) | (G) |

e |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
B |-3--3--3-----|-1--1--1-----|-1--1--1-----|-3--3--3-----|
G |-0--0--0-----|-0--0--0-----|-0--0--0-----|-4--4--4-----|
D |-0--0--0-----|-2--2--2-----|-------------|-5--5--5-----|
A |-------------|-------------|-3--3--3-----|-------------|
E |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
  ( x 2)

(Dsus4)Daddy needs a drink to (Am)deal with all the beauty
To (C)deal with all the madness to (G)keep from blowing up
(Dsus4)Daddy needs a drink to (Am)calm down the badness
To (C)execute his gladness on the (G)fullness of his cup
(Dsus4)Daddy needs a drink to (Am)keep the wheels from rubbing
To (C)compensate for nothing or (G)nothing going on

(Em)Daddy needs a (Am)drink so (C)Mama fix one (G)quick (Em)Pour it nice and (Am)strong with your (C)cleaning outfit (G)on (Em)Daddy needs a (Am)drink so (C)Mama fix one (G)quick (Em)Pour it nice and (Am)strong with your (C)cleaning outfit (G) on Inst.: | (Dsus4) | (Am) | (C) | (G) | x 2 (Dsus4)Daddy needs a drink to (Am)hem in his demons To (C)hear through baby screaming or the (G)TV set turned on Ain't (Dsus4)nothing on the radio like the (Am)wave my transmitter's on (C)Put that drinking jacket on and en-(G)joy a little fog (Chorus) (Em)Daddy needs a (Am)drink so (C)Mama fix one (G)quick (Em)Pour it nice and (Am)strong with your (C)cleaning outfit (G)on (Em)Daddy needs a (Am)drink so (C)Mama fix one (G)quick (Em)Pour it nice and (Am)strong with your (C)cleaning outfit on Outro.: | (Dsus4) | (Am) | (C) | (G) | --- repeat 4 times to fade

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